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Customized Embellished Prints
for Everyday life or Special Occasions

Chaia can customize any painting featured on this website to create either personalized works for everyday life or customized ‘occasion paintings’. Chaia can incorporate momentous dates, quotes, texts, names, or images that reflect your unique vision. All writing imported into a painting can be in Hebrew, English, French—or in any language. Chaia customizes pieces that celebrate and memorialize a special occasion including birth, Bris, Brit Mila, Bar or Bat-mizvah, wedding, house-warming, memorial, and more. You provide the visual, numerical, or textual information that Chaia will incorporate into the body of the painting or into a painting’s decorative borders. Price of customized embellished prints varies depending on the time that is required to create a piece to your satisfaction. For pricing and consultation on customized pieces, please contact Chaia.

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